Up-coming shows:
FR 15 JUN 2007De Kloemp, Bunsbeek (Tienen)BelgiumDamaged Goods, Scumluck
SA 23 JUN 2007Along The Trax Fest, Barendrecht (Rotterdam)HollandHarbour 81, Sister Fister, Face Tomorrow, Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
(Some of our) past shows:
FR 04 MAY 2007Bibelot, DordrechtNetherlandsNRA, The Butcher, Disturbance, Blok 1A
SU 15 APR 2007The Backstage, Kingston, PAUSABack To Back, Hell To Pay
SA 14 APR 2007Fin's Pub, Long Island, NYUSABack To Back, Hell To Pay
FR 13 APR 2007El N' Gee, New London, CTUSAFar From Finished, Copyright Chaos, Bloodshot Hooligans, Beantown Boozehounds, Distraction
TH 12 APR 2007The Kave, Bucksport, MEUSADeathkiller
WE 11 APR 2007Boston, MAUSATBA
TU 10 APR 2007Baltimore, MDUSATBA
MO 09 APR 2007The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PAUSAPlastered Bastards
SU 08 APR 2007tbaUSA-
SA 07 APR 2007Friends, Brampton, OntarioCanadaCorporation, Organized Chaos, From Parts Unkown
FR 06 APR 20072500 Club, Detroit, MIUSAThe Pillage
TH 05 APR 2007Legends Music Cafe, Addison (Chicago), IL USAWHuT?, Wookie Hangover, Demonseed
SA 24 MAR 2007Het Muziekcafé, KerkradeNetherlandsBleed Into One (D), Real Hate, With Fire (D), Blinded By Trust
FR 16 FEB 2007De Kade, ZaandamNetherlandsJaya The Cat, Fucking Virgins, San Andreas, Cooper
SU 14 JAN 2007Teatre-Casino la Unio, Vidreres (near Girona)SpainGuiness Boys, Electric Terror Shock
SA 13 JAN 2007Ateneu de Vallcarca, BarcelonaSpainSecret Army, Bloodshed Rain, Vicious Circle
FR 12 JAN 2007Villa de Langreo (Asturia)SpainVillacore 2007: Blunt, A.D., Ebola, Escuela De Odio & more
TH 11 JAN 2007La Botie, MadridSpainThe Bad Bloods, Zartako
WE 10 JAN 2007El Sol, ZaragozaSpainZoubux
SA 16 DEC 2006Musicon, Den HaagNetherlandsBorn From Pain, Enemy Ground, Real Hate, Samaritan & more
FR 15 DEC 2006EXIT, RotterdamNetherlandsDead By Dawn + My Favourite Confession
FR 01 DEC 2006De Drie Lelies, PuttershoekNetherlandsThe Sheep, Blok 1A
SA 11 NOV 2006SchleizGermanySpider Crew, Force Open
SA 28 OCT 2006De Drie Lelies, PuttershoekNetherlandsTrenchcoat, Fist Of Fury + more
WE 25 OCT 2006Parochiezaal, LippeloBelgiumBulldoze, Moker, Boxing Crime
TU 24 OCT 2006Little Devil, TilburgNetherlands25 Ta Life, All For Nothing
SA 21 OCT 2006De Flaat, NaaldwijkNetherlandsTrenchcoat + more
SA 14 OCT 2006De Gonz, GoudaNetherlandsFist Of Fury, Bound In Blood
SU 24 SEP 2006San Antonio, TXUSATexas Wrecking Crew, MDK, Denied Rights, The Booked, The Cutthroats + more
SA 23 SEP 2006Corpus Christi, TXUSABroken Grounds
FR 22 SEP 2006Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoBroken Grounds + The Undertakers + DTD
TH 21 SEP 2006Base 5103, Laredo, TXUSALast Bullet (Mex) + Five Families + special guest
WE 20 SEP 2006Chapa's Bar, Brownsville, TXUSALast Bullet (Mex), Threat of Tomorrow, Instigators, DTD
TU 19 SEP 2006The White Swan, Houston, TXUSABayou City Saints, LMF, I Am Wolf
SA 09 SEP 2006De Beuk, BarendrechtNetherlandsAlong The Trax Fest
FR 01 SEP 2006De Exit, RotterdamNetherlandsAll For Nothing, Drain Life, All Out Effort
SU 11 JUN 2006De Baroeg, RotterdamNetherlandsBones Brigade, Nothing Done
SA 20 MAY 2006JC Babylon, WestmalleBelgiumto be announced
FR 12 MAY 2006Cultuurhuis Bosch, ArnhemNetherlandsAll For Nothing
SA 23 APR 2006Musicon, The HagueNetherlandsSlumlords
SA 22 APR 2006Talschock, ChemnitzGermanyJoe Coffee, Slumlords, Deadline
FR 21 APR 2006Conne Island, LeipzigGermanySlumlords, Strength Approach, Adjudgement
TH 20 APR 2006Mega Club, KatowicePolandSlumlords
WE 19 APR 2006Arena, ViennaAustriaSlumlords, Antilectual
MO 17 APR 2006Dynamo, EindhovenNetherlandsSlumlords, Final Prayer
SA 15 APR 2006La Boule D'or, TournaiBelgiumSlumlords
FR 14 APR 2006LippeloBelgiumSlumlords, Moker, Pushed Too Far
FR 07 APR 2006Nighttown, RotterdamNetherlandsFist Of Fury, All For Nothing, Payback
SA 01 APR 2006MFC Gebrook, HoensbroekNetherlandsDiscipline, Deathfall, Strike First (download flyer)
FR 17 MAR 2006Die Voksschule, MoersGermanyAll For Nothing
FR 10 FEB 2006De Klep, Strijen NetherlandsPayback, Moment Of Truth (download flyer)
SA 03 DEC 2005Het Muziekcafé, KerkradeNetherlandsAll For Nothing
FR 02 DEC 2005Thrillbeats-Club, Dresden GermanyAll For Nothing, Something Inside, Build On Trust
SA 12 NOV 2005Punk Café de Hel, TongerenBelgiumKoncept, The AM's, Viggen
SA 05 NOV 2005Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis NetherlandsAll In The Game, All For Nothing, T.B.C.
SA 15 OCT 2005De Gloppe, Leeuwarden NetherlandsThe Southern Way, Discharger, Get Out
SU 09 OCT 2005Goudvishal, Arnhem NetherlandsBorn From Pain, Payback, Tech 9
FR 30 SEP 2005Nighttown, Rotterdam NetherlandsThe Racket, All For Nothing, Bomb Shelter
SA 24 SEP 2005Bibelot, Dordrecht NetherlandsBorn From Pain, Bound In Blood
FR 23 SEP 2005JC Solution, Hillegom NetherlandsNoctophyle, Fobiac
SU 14 AUG 2005The Old Timer, Rotterdam Netherlands -
FR 22 JUL 2005Frontstage 2005, Lille BelgiumThe Queers, Mark Foggo, Chimaera
SA 11 JUN 2005Pop Shall Burn Fest, Bottendorf (Thüringen) Germany Misconduct, Black Friday 29 & more
SA 07 MAY 2005De Beuk, Barendrecht NetherlandsAll For Nothing (Starts at 22:00)
SA 23 APR 2005Riot On The Dancefloor, Zaandam NetherlandsNeuk!, Uppercut, The Butcher, Payback, Fucking Virgins, Superhero, Dependent, Pantherland
SA 26 MAR 2005Koekelare BelgiumIllyrian, 7 works, Diecast Unit
FR 18 MAR 2005Tommyhaus, Berlin GermanyMindgrab, Serial Tilla
FR 25 FEB 2005Nighttown, Rotterdam NetherlandsBound In Blood, Bronson Death Wish (download flyer)
SA 12 FEB 2005Hardcore At The Attic, Turnhout Belgium Knuckledust, I Reject, Rise and Fall, The Setup, Abusive Action, Mort, Lost in Rhone, First Alliance, Pushed Too Far
SA 18 DEC 2004Jugendclub, Wegeleben GermanyAll For Nothing, Atrophy, Keuchhustn
FR 17 DEC 2004Fightback, Bad Neustadt ad Saale GermanyAll For Nothing, Even Worse
SA 20 NOV 2004Loud & Proud Festival, Lebeke-Denderhoutem BelgiumBackfire, Radio 69 (TBC), Reno Divorce, Dead Stop, Maypole, Sweet Poison (download flyer)
SA 13 NOV 2004De Groote Weiver, Krommenie NetherlandsBlack Cloud Halo, Sixeleven
FR 12 NOV 2004De Old Timer, Rotterdam NetherlandsHooftpijn
SA 06 NOV 2004Monastry, Vienna AustriaSpider Crew, Oi-Kalyptus (download flyer)
SA 30 OCT 2004Appelschuur, Tinte NetherlandsBlok 1A, Shameless Nameless, Disciples of Darkness
SA 23 OCT 2004Flathertheek, Naaldwijk NetherlandsFist Of Fury, Bound in Blood, Final Solution, Stagnant
SU 03 OCT 2004Escape, Veenendaal NetherlandsFacewreck, Payback, For The Fame
SA 25 SEP 2004Bomvrij Hospitaal, Hellevoetsluis NetherlandsHaeckeflosse
FR 10 SEP 2004Musicon, Den Haag NetherlandsPayback + All For Nothing
SA 04 SEP 2004So What, Turnhout BelgiumHold My Own (download flyer)
SA 04 SEP 2004Waalre (Kempenerpop pre-party) NetherlandsTech 9, Payback, No Turning Back (download flyer)
SA 22 MAY 2004TexMex, Spijkenisse NetherlandsNox Aeterna, Hark, IMP
FR 14 MAY 2004Altstadt, Eindhoven NetherlandsStockholm Syndrome, Isle Of Man, Short Fused
TH 29 APR 2004De Oldtimer, Rotterdam (Zuidplein) Netherlands-
FR 23 APR 2004MACH, Hellevoetsluis NetherlandsVoorne Putten band competition
SU 04 APR 2004The Music Temple, Roosendaal NetherlandsIn For The Kill Fest part 9 with Knuckledust, MM, DarkDayRising, Bronson Death Wish, Death Pact
SU 28 MAR 2004De Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsLast Quiet Time, Shattered, Facewreck, Among The Living, Drain Life
SA 27 MAR 2004Bravo, Brielle NetherlandsM.O.B. Open Dag
SA 13 MAR 2004Negasonic, Aalst BelgiumHold My Own, Fight 121
SA 28 FEB 2004De Notelaer, Oostmalle Belgium Congress, Homer, Roll the Dice, Mayly, sacrifice to the elves, Close Call, Caldera
SU 22 FEB 2004OJC Jonosh, The Alternative X, Asten-Heusden NetherlandsButcher, MM, The Next Presidents, Guilty, Dandare, Act of Ignorance
FR 13 FEB 2004P60 AmstelveenNetherlandsBackfire's 10 Year Party + Samaritan and Painted Smile
FR 30 JAN 2004Scum, Katwijk NetherlandsBorn From Pain & Samaritan
FR 09 JAN 2004Double Deuce, Valkenswaard NetherlandsDiscipline, Knockdown (download fyler)
FR 12 DEC 2003Kleine Kade, Zaandam NetherlandsDeathxChamps, Strike First
FR 28 NOV 2003Bergeik NetherlandsPayback
SA 08 NOV 2003European Hardcore Party, Maastricht NetherlandsThe Business, Terror, Vision  
SU 26 OCT 2003Hof Ter Lo, Antwerpen BelgiumSlapshot, Blood For Blood, The Bluebloods, Deadline
SU 19 OCT 2003Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsSpider Crew, Payback (download flyer)
SA 12 JUL 2003De Klep, Strijen NetherlandsI Reject, Fight 121
SU 29 JUN 2003Azijnfabriek, Roermond NetherlandsRhythm Of Respect Festival, Maypole, Superhero, Above The Struggle
SA 14 JUN 2003
Metro, Helden-Panningen NetherlandsFor The Fame, Guilty, No Turning Back
SA 14 JUN 2003
(first band)
013 Batcave, Tilburg NetherlandsBeans, Last To Go
SU 11 MAY 2003Mezz, Breda NetherlandsBorn From Pain, Full Court Press, Dinite, Dark Intentions, 37 Stabwoundz, Tasker, Deluge, Facegrind
SA 19 APR 2003Hakendover, Tienen BelgiumBurn, Hold My Own, Outlaw, Between the lines, Convict, Tech-9
SU 30 MAR 2003Boulevard, Den Bosch NetherlandsInhuman, For The Fame, Short Fused
SA 01 MAR 2003Metropool, Hengelo NetherlandsOn Fire, Uppercut, Maypole & more
SA 25 JAN 2003Poortgebouw, Rotterdam NetherlandsFor The Fame
FR 06 DEC 2002Morkhoven BelgiumHold My Own
SA 26 OCT 2002Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsDrain Life, Persistence, Down To Earth
SA 09 AUG 2002Midsummer Hardcore, MaastrichtNetherlandsRight Direction, Maypole, Argy Bargy, Discipline, Shelter & more
SA 05 JUL 2002Juz Papestrasse, Essen GermanySubzero, Strife, Max Rebo Kids, Born From Pain
TU 01 JUL 2002Boederij, Geleen NetherlandsAgnostic Front
SA 15 JUN 2002Unite To Fight, Graefenhainichen GermanyRight Direction, Only Attitude Counts, Spider Crew, Settle The Score
FR 12 APR 2002Bibliotheektheater, Rotterdam NetherlandsCraven, Laguerra, North, Totaal Verlept
SA 02 MAR 2002De Flaat, Naaldwijk NetherlandsThe Butcher
SA 22 FEB 2002Broodje Visgraat, DordrechtNetherlandsFight 121, I Reject
SA 01 FEB 2002Azijnfabriek, Roermond NetherlandsRight Direction, Boost
MO 10 DEC 2001Stadtbahnhof, Schweinfurt GermanyAgnostic Front, Distillers, Death Threath
FR 07 DEC 2001Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp BelgiumAgnostic Front, Distillers, Death Threath
TH 06 DEC 2001Crash, Freiburg GermanyAgnostic Front, Distillers, Death Threath
WE 05 DEC 2001Subcultur, Koblenz GermanyAgnostic Front, Distillers, Death Threath
TU 04 DEC 2001Backstage, Munchen GermanyAgnostic Front, Distillers, Death Threath
SA 24 NOV 2001Willem II, Den Bosch Netherlands59 Times The Pain, Hardsell
FR 23 NOV 2001Double Deuce, Valkenswaard NetherlandsSOS, Payback
SA 17 NOV 2001Hoek, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen NetherlandsFight 121, Burial, The Difference
SU 28 OCT 2001Boulevard, Den Bosch NetherlandsBackfire, Outlaw, Sideline
SA 15 OCT 2001Nighttown Basement, Rotterdam NetherlandsSpringrain, Beans, Ragin Hormones, Last To Go
FR 14 OCT 2001In For The Kill, Roosendaal NetherlandsI Reject, Stone Cold, Born From Pain and more...
WE 10 OCT 2001Melkweg, Amsterdam NetherlandsSpitvalves, The Business
SA 06 OCT 2001European Hardcore Party, Maastricht NetherlandsVision, Discipline, Brightside, Hardsell & more
SA 15 SEP 2001De Bosuil, Weert NetherlandsOne Night Stand, Boost, Downshot, Shortfused, Dev
SA 22 SEP 2001TexMex, Spijkenisse NetherlandsThe Butcher, Fight 121, Deprecate, MM
SA 08 SEP 2001Streetlife Festival, Ecaussinnes BelgiumKickback, Discipline, Right Direction, Born From Pain, Do Or Die, Arkangel
SA 11 AUG 2001Midsummer Hardcore, Maastricht NetherlandsMaximum Penalty, Backfire, Tech 9, Born From Pain & more
SA 13 MAY 2001Plato, Helmond NetherlandsZoli Band, Redline, Maypole & more
MO 30 APR 2001The Note, Hoogvliet NetherlandsBother Booze, We The Gods
MO 30 APR 2001Apeldoorn NetherlandsNME
SA 28 NOV 2000Musicon, Den Haag NetherlandsSee Through Happiness, Downshot, Crawlspace, No Turning Back
FR 27 OCT 2000De Flaat, Naaldwijk NetherlandsNonscore
SA 25 MAR 2000European Hardcore Party, Maastricht NetherlandsCro-Mags, Discipline, Tech 9, Crivits & more
TH 10 JUL 2000De Sluis, Gouda NetherlandsI Reject, Destination Burnout
FR 12 MAR 1999Rivuly, Hoogvliet NetherlandsHouwitzer
FR 20 OCT 1998De Roef, Brielle Netherlands
FR 06 JUN 1998De Kom, Hoogvliet NetherlandsParalysis
SA 19 SEP 1998Scum, Katwijk NetherlandsDeuce, Vanity Four
FR 25 MAR 1998Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsMaximum Penalty, Ink & Daggers
SA 31 JAN 1998De Boerderij, Geleen NetherlandsVanity Four, Born From Pain
SU 25 JAN 1998De Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsEyeball, Reveal, Oil, Reaching Forward, Driven
FR 23 JAN 1998De Kom, Hoogvliet NetherlandsSee Through Happiness, Undebatable Ground, Standard, Take A Stand
SA 13 SEP 1997The Opposite, Spijkenisse NetherlandsUndebatable Ground, Crivits, Forefront, Age of Panic, Guiding Line, Cauliflower, Quick & Bright
SA 10 MAY 1997Concertgebouw, BarneveldNetherlandsDie Nakse Bananen, Dah Rakkahz, The Obnoxious
TH 08 MAY 1997De Hemel, Rotterdam NetherlandsPuz, Quick & Bright
SA 20 APR 1997Baroeg, Rotterdam NetherlandsBarenski, Nix, Initial Stage, Wiseguy, New Friend, No-Men, Deuce
SA 08 FEB 1997De Klep, Srijen NetherlandsGuiding Line, Puz
FR 31 JAN 1997OCCII, Amsterdam NetherlandsSoberresponse, Forefront
-- -- --- 1998?Voetbalkantine, Maarssen NetherlandsQuick & Bright
-- -- --- 2001??, Schoonhoven NetherlandsBest Wishes & more