Ever since the Rotterdam based band Second Chance formed in 1996, they have been playing old school hardcore. They released their first MCD, entitled "Premium Hardcore" in November 1999. Though it was a DIY production, the cd got great press reviews and shortly after the release Second Chance performed as the opening act on the third edition of the European Hardcore Party. For their second release they signed at GSR Music (formerly Gangstyle Records) and in May 2001 the first full length album "Fortune Favors The Bold" became a fact. With that album, and their appearance on the compilations albums "Respect Your Roots" and "Tribute To The Real Oi Part 2" Second Chance NL has become a settled name in the Dutch/European hardcore scene. In June 2003 the band has finally hit Dé Studio in Brussels again, to record their second full length album entitled "Tides May Turn". The album has been since October 2003 and the reactions of the critics have been incredibly favourable. Right now Second Chance is in the process of writing songs for a new album due out in 2006.

Check our online presskit at presskit.secondchance.nl for the reviews.

old school
In a time when almost every new hardcore band uses a lot of metal influences, a time when even some of the old bands change their style into "metalcore", Second Chance is holding on tightly to their roots. The band is trying to keep the true spirit of old school hardcore alive: punk rock in the vein of their heroes of the early eighties: Warzone, The Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front.

Basically, what Second Chance is trying to express comes down to this: you’re life is in your own hands. You've got to make the best out of it, and most important of all: HAVE FUN! Hardcore is a way for us to get some relief after a hard days work. Hardcore is the thing we do for fun in the weekends, and in the eyes of the band that is what it's supposed to be. People take things too serious in the scene today. People try to shove their stupid rules down one-another’s throats. The hardcore scene was built as a way to resist the rules that were forced upon us by society, not to implement even more rules.

band members
Recently a brand new line-up has been formed around singer Dries and guitarist Perry:
Dries - vocals | Perry - guitars | Jack - guitars | Arjan - bass | John Patrick - drums

Officially the name of the band is "Second Chance NL". The reason is that there's also another band called Second Chance in the US.